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With our cost-effective monthly subscription model, we embed ourselves into your company to build a partnership that delivers you perfect-fit candidates.

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We provide you Talent on Demand through two innovative models: Recruitment as a Service and Sourcing as a Service. We're there when you need to hire, we're easy to pause when you don’t. All top talent, no complications.

Benefits include:

  • Fixed monthly subscription
  • 50% savings compared to contingency fees
  • Embedded talent team exclusive to you
  • Access to our global CRM of talent and advanced recruiting technologies
  • Net Promoter Score backed candidate experience 
How MyTOD works


Our focus on our candidates, clients, colleagues, and community is what makes myTOD an innovator in Talent Acquisition. To us, a candidate is more than just their resume. A client is more than just a dollar sign. The personal and professional growth of our colleagues drives myTOD forward, and giving back to our community is at the core of our business.




These beliefs underline our mission, vision, purpose and values...

  • Givers
  • Truth-Tellers
  • Innovators
  • Learners
  • Partners
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Our Valued 

I cannot speak highly enough of myTOD

and their ability to hone in on what our company’s talent needs are and consistently deliver exactly what we envisioned for that role.  Our Talent Partner is a consummate professional and is also very personable in a way that our weekly meeting updates don’t feel like working with an outsider.  He’s one of us.  We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our partnership with myTOD. 

- Richard Gipson
Executive Recruiter at Exemplis

myTOD has been a valuable talent acquisition partner. They have done an excellent job of sourcing and identifying qualified candidates for critical roles in a short period of time. I have found them to be client-focused and responsive. So happy I made the decision to partner with myTOD!

- Linda Rudolph
Director, Human Resources at Nitto

Here at TSM we needed help with recruiting for the content team. I was asked to help out but saw there were a lot of resumes to go through and I didn't have the bandwidth to handle all of the applicants. That is where myTOD came in. They went through all the candidates and gave me the top people to interview. They stayed on top of every position and the people I interviewed were TOP NOTCH. Without their help I would still be going through resumes today!

- Thomas Wehle
Director, Creative Editor at TSM

Having an embedded recruiter from myTOD was a tremendous experience. Our Talent Partner felt like part of the team, and most of our hiring managers had no idea that she wasn't a new member of HR! Highly recommend myTOD.

- Jeffrey Samoff
Human Resource Manager at Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

The Talent Partner produced unique candidates that we’re not seeing from our own resources or other recruiting agencies. The team is organized, uses various resources & tools to find great candidates, and adapts to work well with each hiring manager. Communication is consistent with weekly updates, follow up emails, and phone calls. myTOD will forever be an honorary member of my team.

- Denise Mills
Talent Acquisition Manager at Hydrafacial

We have been nothing but happy with the level of service and support that we have received from the myTOD team. They saved us! We wouldn’t have been able to get through this super busy time if we weren’t able to count on them to take the weight of our recruitment activity from us. Thank you, myTOD!

- Elke Vitale
Director, Human Resources at Aviation Capital Group

Your team has won over ACG's toughest managers and critics! They are a true reflection of you - hard working, honest, creative, and results-oriented. SOOO glad we have been working with myTOD.

- Elizabeth Stevens
SVP of Human Resources at Aviation Capital Group

myTOD is great to work with! Our Talent Partner is always smiling and has a positive and responsive attitude when it comes to supporting Aqualung's needs. She has had to pivot regularly with us and has shown a great deal of flexibility, which is needed with a group like ours. I have enjoyed working with her and would recommend myTOD as a strong Talent Acquisition Partner!

- Scott Schneider
Director of Human Resources at Aqualung

My experience with myTOD has been excellent so far. Each rep I have worked with has been pleasant, professional, and dedicated. Our Talent Partner know his craft well, and has offered to share best practices with the team regarding sourcing and screening. He is readily available by phone, email, or Teams. Overall, I would highly recommend myTOD to anyone out there. I have enjoyed working with them and appreciate all the help in filling some of our more challenging roles. myTOD CARES a lot and it shows!


- Molly Campau
Director of Recruiting at ITS Logistics

I've had the opportunity to work with myTOD for the past 6 months and they have been an excellent partner and tremendous resource for several of our "hard-to-fill" and "niche" roles. Our Talent Partner is an exceptional sourcer/recruiter who takes the time to listen and ask the right questions, while providing quality candidates. She also takes the extra time to provide immediate feedback from the candidates (good, bad, or indifferent) and ensures that her clients are satisfied. I also really appreciate the excellent reporting that she provides weekly to ensure I'm staying organized. Lastly, our Talent Partner routinely goes the extra mile with both her candidates and her clients to provide an excellent candidate and customer experience.

- Doug Fauth
Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Microvention

We have had a great time working with myTOD! To start, everyone on the team has been a pleasure to work with - they are so personable, have taken the time to get to know us, and are just plain fun. They also do great work. The myTOD team has been very helpful in building pipelines for some of our challenging roles. What I appreciate the most is how well they listen and adjust their approach each week based on what they hear from the recruiters and managers. Thank you myTOD for all your hard work

- Paige Barnard
Manager, Talent Acquisition at Jamf

Leading HR, one of my goals was to reduce the amount of recruiting fees with an agency. Not having our own Talent Acquisition Team was a challenge and our leadership and managers always went to search before posting. myTOD has come in and decreased our spending by 75%. The model is unique as the team works to build the reputation and brand in the marketplace. We have filled some very challenging roles in the last few months with qualified candidates that were directly sourced from myTOD.  Each week we are provided a detailed report with candidates that have been contacted and who has been interviewed. The candidates are presented with detailed information and full compensation history. The relationship the managers have built with the myTOD Talent Partners has been rewarding to see. The process is simple, and the quality is extraordinary. Also, as HR professional it is nice to be able to build those relationships. myTOD, has fully experienced Talent Partners that focus in Banking and Financial Services.

- Krysta Roberto
Head of Human Resources at Nano Banc

Connected to our Community

We have a vision to support the potential of 1,000 disadvantaged teenagers by 2025. By 2032, we aim to support 10,000It's more than a vision to us; it’s at the heart of what we do.

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