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Welcome to myTOD's Consumer Markets division. With unparalleled expertise and a forward-thinking approach, we offer a flexible month-to-month subscription service that puts clients in control. Our individualized solutions ensure you find the perfect fit for your organization's talent needs, without the high cost of traditional staffing models. Empowering Consumer Brands, Elevating Talent, Placing People on Purpose.


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Case Studies

Chosen Foods, a Consumer Markets company in the culinary industry, engaged our services to address critical staffing needs at the executive level, alongside several other key roles. Their objective was to streamline the talent acquisition processes and enhance the overall hiring experience for both hiring managers and candidates.


  1. The client lacked an internal talent acquisition team, leaving their HR department stretched thin and unable to dedicate sufficient resources to the recruitment process.
  2. Hiring managers were unfamiliar with the hiring process and lacked experience in collaborating with specialized talent acquisition partners.


  • We initiated intimate engagement by visiting the client's offices onsite to forge strong relationships with their leadership team and individual hiring managers. This facilitated a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements and ideal candidate profiles.
  • We led hiring managers through the recruitment workflow, streamlining processes and effectively coordinating and scheduling their candidate interviews.
  • By prioritizing candidate experience, we cultivated lasting connections with potential hires, thereby enhancing Chosen Foods' brand recognition and fostering candidate relationships that extended beyond immediate hiring needs.
  • Our efforts resulted in successful placements across a diverse range of roles, including Controller, Director of Club Sales, and Junior Server Administrator, achieving substantial cost savings of $37,000 for the client in comparison to traditional staffing agency fees.

Aqualung, an organization in the consumer product sector, sought our expertise after working with recruitment agencies and identifying deficiencies in candidate quality and screening processes. Over a 17-month partnership, our dedicated efforts resulted in 22 successful placements, significantly enhancing Aqualung's talent acquisition endeavors.


  1. Previous recruitment agency failed to adequately screen candidates, leading to a low return on investment in utilizing external recruitment support.
  2. Recruitment spanned multiple geographic regions, necessitating flexible scheduling and communication across different time zones.


  • Conducted thorough candidate screenings via video conference calls, ensuring comprehensive evaluation while accommodating diverse time zones.
  • Maintained regular weekly one-to-one calls with hiring managers and the Director of Talent, fostering close collaboration and swift resolution of recruitment-related issues.
  • Integrated into Aqualung's internal Microsoft Teams platform for seamless daily communication and collaboration.
  • Assumed full ownership of Aqualung's ATS system, managing all job postings and application processes efficiently.
  • Conducted market research in partnership with Mineral HR to establish competitive salary ranges, enhancing Aqualung's ability to attract top-tier talent.
  • Placed $2,211,600 in salaries, saving the client $187,320 in traditional staffing fees.

Glidewell, a significant player in the dental products space within the consumer markets vertical, sought out myTOD's support when a challenge arose in engaging candidates international candidates due to time zone differences. Our partnership resulted in the placement of 21 candidates, totaling $1,392,997 in salaries, saving the client $16,099 compared to traditional agency fees.

The Challenge 

  1. Time zone differences between Glidewell's headquarters and candidate pools in India necessitated optimization of recruitment efforts within the limited hours in the day when these candidates could be reached.
  2. Requirement for additional recruiting support during critical hours to capitalize on available time effectively.

The Solution 

  • Deployed a highly skilled and adaptable technical recruiter through myTOD, capable of efficiently navigating recruitment challenges and maximizing productivity within constrained time frames.
  • Embraced feedback and collaboration, ensuring that the recruited talent possessed the requisite skills and coachability to align with Glidewell's recruitment objectives.
  • Leveraged myTOD's expertise to optimize recruitment strategies, effectively utilizing the limited hours available each day to engage with candidates in India.
  • Provided quality sofware engineering candidates that contributed to that development of Glidewell inhouse ERP
  • Adapted to Glidewell's existing processes by directly submitting candidates to their Applicant Tracking System, facilitating streamlined candidate management and tracking.
  • Played a pivotal role in negotiating competitive salary rates, aligning with Glidewell's budgetary constraints while attracting top-tier talent.

Golden State Foods, one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies, initiated a partnership with myTOD that has since resulted in 22 placements, with over $870,000 in total salaries placed.


  1. Lack of clear internal TA processes at their Conyers, GA location led to prolonged onboarding periods exceeding one month for candidates.
  2. Increasing requisition load strained internal recruiters' capacity to manage recruitment effectively.
  3. Identified deficiencies in communication process with individual hiring managers.
  4. Roles across various geographical locations made for a decentralized focus.


  • myTOD initiated direct communication with the Senior HR Manager to devise a strategic plan for success.
  • Conducted an in-person visit to the Alabama facility, strengthening relationships and instilling confidence in our team.
  • Hired an onboarding coordinator for GSF to streamline candidate flow and expedite recruitment processes.
  • Specialized focus on Protein manufacturing roles, gradually expanding support with successful placements.
  • Collaborated with GSF to develop and consistently revise a new "agency portal" within their ATS system, allowing for myTOD and all future staffing agencies to directly submit candidates and receive immediate feedback from hiring managers.
  • By the end of 2023, witnessed a significant reduction in open requisitions, indicative of improved recruitment efficiency and success. This was the lowest number of open requisitions GSF had seen in 3 years.
  • Successfully filled critical production roles and nurtured strong relationships with GSF's team, showcasing our dedication to delivering exceptional recruitment outcomes.

Orgain, a Consumer Markets client in the Health & Wellness space, formed a recent and effective partnership with myTOD, resulting in the following:


  1. Orgain struggled to find qualified candidates promptly, leading to delays in filling open positions.
  2. Inefficient hiring processes hindered recruitment efforts, resulting in prolonged vacancies and productivity gaps.
  3. The company sought assistance in attracting top talent to fuel their growth ambitions and strengthen their workforce.


  • myTOD deployed a dedicated team of recruitment experts to collaborate closely with Orgain's hiring managers, ensuring seamless integration and effective communication.
  • Implementing a comprehensive recruitment strategy, we meticulously identified and attracted highly skilled candidates tailored to Orgain's specific needs.
  • Taking ownership of the end-to-end hiring process, myTOD managed job postings, candidate screening, and interview scheduling, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Leveraging our extensive network, industry expertise, and access to vast recruitment tools, we sourced a pool of qualified candidates, aligning with Orgain's requirements and culture.
  • Building a strong relationship with Orgain's hiring manager, we fostered effective communication and collaboration, which included an in-person meeting with their Head of HR to further enhance our partnership.

Nissin Foods, an international conglomerate of Consumer Packaged Goods, brought myTOD on to support their objective of filling a critical Safety Director role.


  1. Nissin Foods required support in finding a Safety Director to enhance their safety protocols and ensure compliance with industry standards.


  • Collaborated with Nissin Foods to craft a comprehensive job description outlining the responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations for the Safety Director role.
  • Offered valuable insights into market rate salaries to ensure competitive compensation packages were offered, attracting top-tier talent for the Safety Director position.
  • Implemented strategies to establish and maintain a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates for the Safety Director role, ensuring a steady stream of potential hires to meet Nissin Foods' recruitment needs.

Evolus, a Consumer Markets client in the performance beauty space, sought myTOD's expertise in technical recruiting. Our partnership resulted in 3 high level placements over a 3 month time period, with salaries totaling $520,000, saving the client just under $60,000 in standard agency fees.


  1. Evolus required recruiting manpower and expertise within their technology department.


  • Initiated the partnership with an in-person onboarding meeting to kick off the collaboration, fostering a mutual understanding of priorities and establishing a close relationship between our teams.
  • Met with individual hiring managers on the technical team to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements and ideal candidate profiles.
  • Took ownership over Evolus' Applicant Tracking System (ATS), ensuring efficient management of internal applicants and streamlined recruitment processes.
  • Developed and maintained a robust pipeline of candidates for key positions such as Director of Software Engineering, Senior Product Manager, and Product Manager, ensuring a steady flow of qualified talent.
  • Through strategic recruitment efforts, diligent pipeline management, achieved successful placements for critical roles, advancing their key organizational objectives.

QSC, a key player in the Audio/Video manufacturing space, has benefited greatly from a 2 year partnership with myTOD, resulting in placing 16 candidates totaling $2,029,202 in salaries, saving the client $76,331 in standard agency fees.


  1. QSC faced challenges with their talent acquisition team lacking internal credibility amongst other departments at the company.  Managers often sought assistance from external search firms without involving the talent acquisition team, leading to disjointed processes and inefficiencies.
  2. The existing approach, relying on standard staffing agencies, proved to be costly and did not align with their HR Director's vision for partnership.
  3. They lacked the internal manpower to manage over 200 open requisitions.


  • myTOD deployed embedded talent partners into QSC's business, fostering close collaboration and alignment with internal processes.
  • Conducted intake meetings with hiring managers to gain insights into their specific requirements and preferences.
  • Established weekly meetings and a close partnership with their HR Director to ensure ongoing alignment on priorities and objectives.
  • Demonstrated a deep understanding of QSC's business and culture, enabling myTOD consultants to identify and present candidates who were ideal fits for the organization.

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"myTOD was able to embed their consultants into our business. They really stepped in and understood our culture to then find the perfect fit candidates for us. myTOD has been a great partner with QSC and it's one we continue to plan on using in the coming years. They embed well into the culture, they understand what we're looking for, and they don't try to push a candidate on you that doesn't fit the culture or the job. It's been an awesome experience, and I highly recommend using myTOD."


- John Seely
Director of Talent Acquisition at QSC

"myTOD is great to work with! Our Talent Partner is always smiling and has a positive and responsive attitude when it comes to supporting Aqualung's needs. She has had to pivot regularly with us and has shown a great deal of flexibility, which is needed with a group like ours. I have enjoyed working with her and would recommend myTOD as a strong Talent Acquisition Partner!"

- Scott Schneider
Director of Human Resources at Aqualung

With this Consumer Markets client, a leader in the consumer audio product space, our Talent Partner filled 16 open positions and saved the client $76,331 compared to standard agency fees.

Over the course of a 17 month partnership with a Consumer Markets client in the luxury goods space, our Talent Partner filled 22 open positions and saved the client 187,320 compared to standard agency fees

  • Organizational Development Manager
  • HR Generalist
  • Latin America – Software Engineer, Services and Integration
  • Latin America – Software Engineer, UI Web & Mobile Development
  • India – Software Engineer, UI Web & Mobile Development
  • Latin America – Software Engineer, Development Support
  • Compensation Specialist
  • HR Generalist
  • Customer Technical Suppor
  • Financial Controller
  • Director of IT
  • Key Account Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Product Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Payroll Manager
  • Military Business Development Manager
  • ERP Programmer Analyst
  • IT Network and Systems Administrator Engineer
  • Military Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager, Dive NA
  • Freight Logistics Analyst
  • Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Inside Sales Lead
  • Field Retail Merchandiser
  • 3PL Logistics Coordinator
  • Credit Coordinator
  • Warehouse Associate